Polygon Vase / Stone

Polygon Vase / Stone


Product size / 100 x 100 x 170mm · 3.93 x 3.93 x 6.69inch
Packaging size / 195 x 4 x 260mm
· 7.67 x 0.15 x 10.23inch
Weight / 130g
Components / Planar figures, Double-sided tape,  Assembly Instructions
Assembly Instructions language / Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish
Texture / Paper, OPP
Country of manufacture / Republic of Korea

Manufacturer / Findesign
Plant / Stipa Pennata

Description /
Polygon Vase is a DIY paper vase the consumer assembles personally.
It is the recyclable vase that is covered on the fruit juice bottle or milk bottle that are thrown away.
Attach the double-sided tape to the paper planar figure to assemble.
The paper surface is water repellent coating treated.

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