Polygon Mobile / Blue

Polygon Mobile / Blue


Product size / 650 x 90 x 520mm · 25.59 x 3.54 x 20.47inch
Packaging size / 195 x 4 x 260mm
· 7.67 x 0.15 x 10.23inch
Weight / 130g
Components / Planar figures, Double-sided tape, Wires, Tube, Fishing line, Assembly Instructions
Assembly Instructions language / Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish
Texture / Paper, OPP, Stainless steel, Silicone, Nylon
Country of manufacture / Republic of Korea

Manufacturer / Findesign

Description /
Polygon Mobile is DIY paper mobile that consumer assembles personally.
The double-sided tape is attached to the paper planar figure to make the figure and weave the fishing line and tube with the wire.
After binding the fishing line to the tack, stick on the ceiling to hang.
If the wind blows, it twirls on the pivot of fishing line.

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