Plant Mobile / Silver / Circle

Plant Mobile / Silver / Circle


Product size / 186 x 1.5 x 186mm · 7.32 x 0.05 x 7.32inch
Packaging size / 210 x 5 x 297mm
· 8.26 x 0.19 x 11.69inch
Weight / 210g
Components / Plant Mobile, String(2m), S-ring, Question mark ring, Assembly Instructions
Assembly Instructions language / Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish
Texture / Stainless steel, Cotton
Country of manufacture / Republic of Korea

Manufacturer / Findesign
Plant / Tillandsia Butzii

Description /
Plant Mobile is mobile on which the air plants are hung.
Install the question mark ring on the ceiling and hang the string, S-ring, and Plant Mobile in order to assemble.
After turning the circular frame 90°, insert the air plants or flowerpot into the circular frame.

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